Rome review


As you may have read in my last post, change, I visited Rome for the first time!
Was it a succes? Yes.
Did I eat rt4? Mostly not. (Rt3)
Have I seen some of the most amazing architecture? All the time.
Do I want to go again? Yes!

Unfortunately Rome is quite expensive, so I won’t have the money to go any day soon.. But that doesn’t matter.
I fed my mind with enough beautiful art to endure for a while.


This is a picture of the beautiful St. Pieters, it was really special because we got to go on a service. In the most famous cathedral of the world.. Still can’t believe it.


This was in the middle of the city; could you imagine;  waiting on the bus,looking to an old ancient Roman building. These pilars where everywhere.


And that’s me with my handsome friends. Dream on Jaz. I never had the time to talk to them. A shame, they all smiled really cute.

Now a very important part; the food.
Let me tell you one thing; I knew pasta could be good, but I never knew it was that good until I had it in Rome.  I ate pasta all the time. It was vegan, filled me up, but most importantly; delicious! !
I also ate a lot of bruschetta, high in oil but a really nice lunch. (And something else then pasta all te time)
Rome was really cool. I liked the people, the heat,the food. Only the public transport was a bit of a mess.. Thank God I found an app for that.

Oh lord, where would we be without the Internet?

I still recommend Rome to everyone; it’s a nice,clean and wonderful city to visit!


xx Jazzie


Want to be healthy?! Become a sleepyhead!

Hey loves!

It’s time for another blog entry, jeeh! I’m so excited about this one, because a lot of people seem to forget this one. And because I like sleeping very much. ^^

Yeah, you’re right; I’m reading a blog about sleeping. Sleeping seems boring, one of the must useless things to do with your time.
But that’s absolute NOT true!
Your body needs sleep, just as much as it needs food or sport.
You probably think that you get enough sleep, but do you?
A friend of mine gave me this article: What happens if you get less than 8 hours sleep?
It clearly shows the mental and fysical damage you put yourself threw if you get less than 8 hours sleep.

I talked about the importance of a proper diet and sport. When you follow the RT4 lifestyle, and exercise regularly, you’re on track. But you still seem to miss something; SLEEP.
While you’re asleep, your body gets time to relax. You can let your sorrows slip away, and you can give your body some recovery.

So people, make sure you get enough sleep, so you can feel fit and energized when you wake up. Sleeping early is hard in the beginning, but you”ll get used to it. 😉

xx Jazzie


Working and happiness


I want to talk about work and the importance of it. I know that working is the way to get money, to live a good life without some worries.
But is that all? Shouldn’t work be more then that? I believe that you should get everything out of your life, to live life to the fullest. And work is an important factor in this process.
When you have a boring, lame job, with unpleasant colleagues; how on earth would you be able to continue that FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE? Right. You won’t.
Work should be a fun place to go; a place where you meet nice, new and inspiring people. People who want to help you be the real ‘you’. People who aren’t judgemental, but honest.

That’s why I decided to quit one of my jobs. My (former) boss liked it to swear at people. He called us terrible names, and expected us to just listen to it. I couldn’t do that anymore. I didn’t want to work: afraid of what he might say. Isn’t that horrifying? So I decided to work for ‘me’, for what I bij wanted, for my luck and not only for the money.
I felt brave today.

xx Jazzie



Hey my loves!
why oh why do I use caps lock? Well because you haven’t seen me in a while. And I’m happy to announce that I’m back!

WHY have I been gone? I had a hard time dealing with life and with myself. I was more aware of my ED and I felt terrible. I didn’t feel like ‘me’ but it felt like there was nothing I could do. But I feel so much better now. I decided that I won’t let a disease rule my life. I’m not sure if this will help me, but it feels like it does. And I get a lot of support from m boyfriend and parents. I still have a disease in my colon, which is also a big part of my life. Living healthy and sport regularly should help me feel better. I always tried, but didn’t made it far because of my ED. But now, I will.

Will you continue this journey with me?

xxx Jazzie