Hospital food; while being a vegan

Hey people!

Time for another blog! Not a happy one this time, ’cause it’s about my last hospitalization. I went there for my IBD. It wasn’t long; I’m back already. But it was hard.
Not only the pain, but also the food. Food is an important factor in my health. If I eat proper and clean I have less pain and I recover in less time.
People with IBD often eat glutenfree and fatfree. So you would say they keep notice of that in the hospital.
Well, think again. I asked them for a vegan meal and that was were they made their first mistake.

Vegan? So you don’t eat meat then? It says here that you can have anything, so would you like the spaghetti with tuna or the patatoes with salmon?

I didn’t even know what to say.
Eventually I got my voice back and I said that I didn’t eat meat, fish or dairy because of my illness. (Thats not the only reason but I doubt that she’ll got it so I tought this was okay)
That she understood. I asked for some veggies, fruit and plain rice.
Within 20 minutes she was back with a small plate of rice and veggies and – Hallelujah- 6 banana’s.


Being a vegan in a hospital. It sure ain’t easy, but I managed.
I hope that next time I find someone who understand me, and the importance of clean food to a healing body.


xx Jazzie


Rt4 day 16&17: Hospitalvisit

Hey everyone,

I haven’t wrote for a couple days, due to the fact that I was in the hospital. Nothing really bad, just for my regular treatment. I had to stay for a couple of days. I felt terrible. I couldn’t eat properly and I was in a lot of pain. I didn’t ate RT4, I was happy to even keep a mouthful of food in! But I feel a bit better now, I’m still in pain, but it’s bearable. My boyfriend was the best, he nursed me, kept bringing tea and banana’s. He also brought yoghurt and dates (They were too sweet, I never eat them again while I”m sick) and he brought a warm jar to keep my belly warm. It was really nice, I didn’t felt lonely, I felt beloved. My friends also called, which made me even more happy, they try to understand me, and be there whenever I feel terrible. It feels like I won’t be alone anymore, there will always be friends for me. 🙂

RT4 day 16

  • Breakfast: 5 banana’s
  • Snack: 6 dates and 1 banana
  • Lunch: sick
  • Dinner: sick

RT4 day 17

  • Breakfast: 1 banana
  • Snack: 3 biscuits
  • Lunch: sick
  • Snack: soup
  • Dinner: sick

I started today with a huge amount of banana’s, so that’s a good thing. The weird thing is that I didn’t lose any weight, although I bearly ate a thing…




xx Jazzie


Colitus Ulcerosa

Colitus Ulcerosa. It sounds a bit like a spell from Harry Potter doesn’t it? But believe me, it’s not. It’s a disease in your colon, which I probably have had since I was just a little girl. But I’m also a premature born, so they thought my stomach pain was because of that. Unfortunately, it wasn’t. I got very ill at age 16, so ill that I dropped a lot of weight, had to be tube-fed (because of my diarrea I couldn’t get my nutritions in) and completely lost my life. The only good thing about that certain period is that they found the med on which do work for me. I still use them now. I wish I could stop, because there are always side-effects and it is poison that you take. But I can’t go without them. If I stop, I instantly get ill. And I don’t want to lose my life again. I need to come back fr a quick hospitalisation in August, and I’m already worried about what they gonna say about my new lifestyle…

That’s me, while my nurse is taking some blood.