Vegan things

Hey everyone,

I wanted to write a blog about things that every vegan may experience sometimes. Just because. ☺

1. “So you do eat cheese right?”
2. “I could never do that!” Yes you could. Just try a little harder.
3. “I only eat organic meat!” So then it doesn’t hurt the animals, right?
4. “That sounds sooo boring!” It really isnt; I eat a lot of different veggies and it challenges me to be more creative.
5. “Then you can never eat out again?!” Is this even a question? Of course we can! We just need to call the restaurant first. (Most of the time)

These are the ones that annoy me the most. Do you have some suggestions to write another blog about, or just have some points to add, please leave a comment below.


Even vegan cakes are really good to make and very delicious  to eat!


xxx Jazzie


Working and happiness


I want to talk about work and the importance of it. I know that working is the way to get money, to live a good life without some worries.
But is that all? Shouldn’t work be more then that? I believe that you should get everything out of your life, to live life to the fullest. And work is an important factor in this process.
When you have a boring, lame job, with unpleasant colleagues; how on earth would you be able to continue that FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE? Right. You won’t.
Work should be a fun place to go; a place where you meet nice, new and inspiring people. People who want to help you be the real ‘you’. People who aren’t judgemental, but honest.

That’s why I decided to quit one of my jobs. My (former) boss liked it to swear at people. He called us terrible names, and expected us to just listen to it. I couldn’t do that anymore. I didn’t want to work: afraid of what he might say. Isn’t that horrifying? So I decided to work for ‘me’, for what I bij wanted, for my luck and not only for the money.
I felt brave today.

xx Jazzie



Hey my loves!
why oh why do I use caps lock? Well because you haven’t seen me in a while. And I’m happy to announce that I’m back!

WHY have I been gone? I had a hard time dealing with life and with myself. I was more aware of my ED and I felt terrible. I didn’t feel like ‘me’ but it felt like there was nothing I could do. But I feel so much better now. I decided that I won’t let a disease rule my life. I’m not sure if this will help me, but it feels like it does. And I get a lot of support from m boyfriend and parents. I still have a disease in my colon, which is also a big part of my life. Living healthy and sport regularly should help me feel better. I always tried, but didn’t made it far because of my ED. But now, I will.

Will you continue this journey with me?

xxx Jazzie


The power of friends

I know they are important. And I know that you know that. How much do our friends really mean to us? What are they? And why do we have these people in our lives?

I think friends are a reflection of what we admire. They are what we need, they are the wise people who make us laugh, or give us support. I like to think that we choose or friends for what they are, and what we are. I believe that they are a reflection of what we like in oursleves, and maybe better. Of course, they have bad qualities, and of course they do things we don’t. But in the end, it are these people that will stand beside us. Listen to us. Give us power, when we’re about to lose.

Whenever you’re lost, remember the people who are willing to be lost with you.


xx Jazzie