10 advantages of being little.


This blog is about being little. I am really small. My mum ain’t tall, so is my dad. So it’s only logical, I’m small too. After some years, I discovered that being little isn’t such a bad thing.. Yeah, when your boyfriend is tall, then it can be a problem but luckily, my boyfriend ain’t that tall. (He isn’t little, I think he’s inbetween). Let me give you my reasons:

  1. You can ALWAYS wear heels! No-one can say you can’t wear them or you’ll be to tall. So girls, let buy another pair of heels!
  2. People always think you’re younger. I find this an advantage, maybe not now, but later when I’m 40, I’ll be so happy if someone thinks I’m just 35!
  3. You can buy clothes on the childrens clothers department. I like this. I buy all my yoga-trousers at Hollster, CHILDSIZE. It’s so much cheaper!
  4. People find you ‘sweet’ or ‘addorable’ and are willing to help you, even if you can do it on your own. Loving lazyness.
  5. People let you stand in front, during festivals or events.
  6. You are the best at hide and seek, always get the best hiding places! 🙂
  7. You will never be taller then your boyfriend. 
  8. You won’t have to bend for every thing, you are already little. Never bend in a room.
  9. You can walk through crowds of people without any effort. The taller and larger, the more evil looks you’ll get.
  10. You can use your age as an advantage, tell people that you’re younger then you actually are to get discount.

I’ve used a lot of these things, what about you?!


xxx Jazzie