In love with your gender


The title may sound weird, but I discovered that it actually isn’t. I’m doing a project for school, it’s a socialisation project. For this project we need to reflect to our childhood and family, in order to understand where we are now.

That all sounds okay, but what does it have to do with the title?!
Well one of the questions was about your gender.

Do you feel comfortable being a boy/girl? Did you ever felt pushed in a certain direction because of your gender?

This made me think. Am I happy with my gender? Do I like being a girl? I never really thought about it. But now I did, and I came to the conclusion that I like who I am. Most of the time I feel pretty confident, and I like the way I look. I like wearing dresses in the summer, having long hair and wearing high heels when I go out for dinner.

But not everyone does. There are a lot of people not feeling good in the body God gave them. The so called transgenders. I always find transgenders very brave, because they don’t accept what the world sees, but become  to what they want to see. And that’s what the are now, not what the world wants, but what they want.

There was a Dutch girl in Hollands Next Top Model (HNTM) and she was a transgender. She won. This shows that it doesn’t matter where you came from,  all that matters is who you are now. She had a lot of confidence and selflove.
She can be a role model. She shows us that we can always be who we want to be.

And that’s promising and hopefull, for those who are feeling insecure, or those who have trouble with their gender. Society pushed us into pink or blue sides, but we can always make the decision to chose purple.

xx Jazz


Me, myself, and I.

Hey everyone!
I wanted to show you some pictures of me before I start this RT4 journey.
Don’t mind my face, I was (or actually am) a little bit tired.
As you can see, I’m not really fat. But I do have some extra fat, fat that doesn’t belong on my body.
Snapchat-20140911093715[1]  Snapchat-20140911093727[1]

I want to get rid of this fat, and most of all become very very healthy. From the inside and the outside. I wan other people notice hwo healthy I am. And I want to feel better. I want to get rid of ed thoughts (which I actually have a lot) and just look good.
RT4 is gonna help me, I really now that this lifestyle can help me forever.


xx Jazzie