Christmas day; be grateful


Merry Christmas everyone! Do you celebrate it with your loved ones? Do you enjoy a (vegan) dinner? 

I do celebrate Christmas with my family. We eat out, we enjoy each others company and we laugh. We do this every year.
Having my whole family around made me realise something; I am so grateful for all that I have.

I think about all the refugees, that are celebrating Christmas without family. Without a Christmas dinner and without a home. How will they feel?

I realise now that I,  and probably all of the readers of my blog, should be grateful for all of the happiness we have. Of course; we all have problems. Of course we all have troubles; maybe fitting in, maybe finding a new job. But our problems are so small compared to the ones of all the refugees, of all the orphan children in Africa, of all the woman in India, desperate to stand up for themselves.

Think about all the refugees, without a home,family or a nice dinner. We should be more grateful.

We owe them, we owe them in feeling grateful this Christmas.  In feeling proud and happy of what we got. Although we may  have lost someone close, we still have each other.  We have a place to call “home”, family or friends that watch our backs and give us love.

So maybe there is something we can give to the world. Something easy, something we all should be.
So surround yourself with loved ones, show them your love and remember : be grateful of all the joy you a experience in your life. Be grateful for all the love you got.

Love and a merry Christmas,

xxxx Jazzie


Christmas eve; be kind


In Holland it’s now Christmas eve. And I wish you all a wonderful night. I spent the night at my boyfriend’s,  we ate and gave each other presents.

I was really happy and grateful : his dad made a special vegan Christmas dinner for me. He made a lot of veggies,cooked in different ways. And as a starter he bought me vegan sushi. On top of that;  they gave me a lot of presents. Things like a spiralizer, but also a book and a dairy.

Getting all of these things made me realise something. Christmas is about the giving. Not material stuff, but things you feel from your heart. Things you make, things you give, from the bottom of your heart.

Tonight learned me to be kind. Kind to the bus driver, kind to the woman at the store. Always listen and open up your heart. If you do so, or if you try, you’ll notice the love you get back. This love has no expectations. It’s made out of kindness.

Christmas is about the giving: the giving of kindness

I learned to listen, and to love the people around you. Not only your inner circle, but also the mail man, or your hairdresser. Try to open up your heart, and to let the love in. If you feel the love then do the must logical thing you can do. Spread the love. Send your kind words to the rest of the world.
Merry Christmas eve.

xx Jazzie


In love with your gender


The title may sound weird, but I discovered that it actually isn’t. I’m doing a project for school, it’s a socialisation project. For this project we need to reflect to our childhood and family, in order to understand where we are now.

That all sounds okay, but what does it have to do with the title?!
Well one of the questions was about your gender.

Do you feel comfortable being a boy/girl? Did you ever felt pushed in a certain direction because of your gender?

This made me think. Am I happy with my gender? Do I like being a girl? I never really thought about it. But now I did, and I came to the conclusion that I like who I am. Most of the time I feel pretty confident, and I like the way I look. I like wearing dresses in the summer, having long hair and wearing high heels when I go out for dinner.

But not everyone does. There are a lot of people not feeling good in the body God gave them. The so called transgenders. I always find transgenders very brave, because they don’t accept what the world sees, but become  to what they want to see. And that’s what the are now, not what the world wants, but what they want.

There was a Dutch girl in Hollands Next Top Model (HNTM) and she was a transgender. She won. This shows that it doesn’t matter where you came from,  all that matters is who you are now. She had a lot of confidence and selflove.
She can be a role model. She shows us that we can always be who we want to be.

And that’s promising and hopefull, for those who are feeling insecure, or those who have trouble with their gender. Society pushed us into pink or blue sides, but we can always make the decision to chose purple.

xx Jazz


The loyal hearts of animals


Today I’ll be writing about something that has always inspired and also surprised me. The loyalty of animals. I believe they have the most pure hearts of us all. I grew up with a dog, and when he died (I was 12) we eventually got another one. His name is Diesel, and he is still alive. Diesel has a pure and simple soul, he loves us to the moon and back. His life is simple; he eats, sleeps,loves and goes for long walks. But above all; he’s happy. He is always there when I get home, when I’m sick he watches over me and he cheers me up when I’m down. The only thing he wants back is love and attention. We treat Diesel well, he is a member of our family. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. Some people hit their animals,  or don’t pay enough attention to them. But will you ever see a dog run away? No. They are so loyal, and are always happy to see their caretakers, even if they slap them. They will never let you down. That’s something that will always fascinate me. I can say that I’m loyal to Diesel, just as he is to me. And in that way I try to treat him like a true member of our family. Because that’s what he is.

xxx Jazzie


Life goes by, and so do I.


I’ve had a busy time. And not always in a good way. My grandpa died. And I got a new job, school is just the same (still a lot to do) and so am I. Or not precisely.

Not a lot changed, but I’m trying to make a change towards my attitude. I’m not your typical bitch, but I can be pretty rude sometimes..
I’ve wanted to change this for a long time, but it’s hard you know.
I’ve been this way for a long time, so why should I complete this change?
I think it’s because I really want it. I need it.
I need to be more loving, careing, and just relaxed.

I got this insight yesterday. That it’s never to late to make a change. That I want to be that loving- girl. Now that I don’t eat animalproducts (just veryvery occasionally, but almost never) anymore, it’s time to take it a step further.
Not only for the love for animals, but also for the love for people.
It’s not that hard to give someone a smile, to be more patient and to help the ones in need.
I’m just gonna give it a try.

xx Jazzie


Beans& Love.

I wanted to write something about one of my favorite things in the world: BEANS! And peas too, haha. I Just LOVE beans. I doens’t matter which one. You can make endless variations with beans. And they are healthy. I made this bean salad (see top image) to bring with me to school, and eveyone got jealous. They were all like: “Woaah you’re eating so healthy, it looks so good! I wish I could do that!”
People often say things like that. I find it hard to understand, if you want to be healthy and fit, it’s up to you to actually do that. No-one can do that for you, you need to make the decision to stop eating crap and start eating healthy. So when people say that, I often start laughing, and tell them that this is a normal snack for me. That I like to take good care of myself, and that it isn’t hard.
But for some people it is. They make excuses not to eat good.
But please, stop the excuses and start the realization.
Start to take of yourself. Start to eat fruit. Stop the fat.
YOU can do this, if you love yourself, I wouldn’t be a problem.
Just give your body love, and it will love you back.


xx Jazzie