RT4 day 3&4

i”m so excited, it was my birthday yesterday! I didn’t follow RT4 that strictly my parents and boyfriend suprised me with a delicious breakfast (my mum did buy glutenfree bread, so she did think about me) and I ate a lot of small things during the day. But I had a great birthday, filled with love. Me and my boyfriend ate in a place called “Boergondisch”and they made everything themself, even the bread and chutney.IMG-20140724-WA0001[1]

Remember, I’m not a vegan yet..

RT4 day 3
Breakfast: mix of fresh fruits and 0.5 glutenfree bread with honey
Snack: 1 banana
Lunch: We went out for lunch, I had the best zuchinni and blue cheese soup, it came with small glutenfree breadparts, with cheese and one with ham (my boyfriend loved them, I only ate the one with the home made fig chutney)
Dinner: sushi! (with advocado,cucumber,mushrooms,egg)
Snack: dark almond chocolate

RT4 day 4
Breakfast: fresh fruit
Snack: 2 banana’s
Lunch: glutenfree bread with humus
Snack: salad with feta and cucumber
Dinner: mushroomsoup


xx Jazzie