Shop local and save a family


This title seems, again, strange. But once you’ve read this post, you’ll understand what I meant.

Do you know those little flower stores? Or the bookshop, where the man behind the counter knows everything about your favorite author? I love those shops.
The people who work there, work with their hearts. They put their passion into their shop. They make long hours and work for our pleasure. They do what they love.


In this picture you see my mum. She bought some juice and fruit in this tiny store.  The man who worked there, knew where everything was and helped us find our route to the subway. Although his store was small, he helped us and thought with us.

Local stores make the economy. I believe they own the creativity. They have smart solutions, and are open for suggestions.

They are passionate about their stores and work with their hearts.

I also find the weirdest,  but cutest things in local stores. The nicest clothing, the books that I’ve never heard of, and the funniest postcards.


That’s  why I find it hard that local stores need to close. Bigger companies are taking over. They don’t share the passion. They don’t work with their heart. I support local shopping. And I hope you’ll do the same.

xx Jazzie