Boxing day; share


I’m still in Brussel with my family. We’re having a great time, filled with good food and nice talks. And the best of all are all the jokes and believe me, we made a lot of them.

Today we walked through Brussel and we saw a lot of gypsies. Some were sitting with a cup, others were sleeping. I wanted to do something for them but I didn’t knew what. So I gave them what I just bought; some 70% pure chocolate. I gave my bar to a man who wore a Santa suit. He smiled and kept making a bow gesture. I felt happy afterwards.

Later we were having a drink at a square and a man was playing the guitar. He sang pretty good. He didn’t look unhappy. He was only wearing a thin coat. I felt sorry for him, I was wearing my expensive clothes and shoes and what did he had? He had his music. So I went out there and I bought a cd, his cd. It was 10 euro but worth every cent. He and his wife looked so happy.

So the message I sent out this last day of celebration is; share. Share love. Share money. Share what you have left. It will make other people feel better, and it will give you such a good feeling. You made someone happy. 

I shared my chocolate bar with him, and the men seemed so happy. I have him little but got something big in return; love.

We sometimes forget what we have, and we forget what we have left. Things we don’t use, can be extremely useful for someone else. Things we have in abundance can give others joy. So share today. Share love, share hope or even money. Give away what you have too much.


xx Jazzie