Christmas eve; be kind


In Holland it’s now Christmas eve. And I wish you all a wonderful night. I spent the night at my boyfriend’s,  we ate and gave each other presents.

I was really happy and grateful : his dad made a special vegan Christmas dinner for me. He made a lot of veggies,cooked in different ways. And as a starter he bought me vegan sushi. On top of that;  they gave me a lot of presents. Things like a spiralizer, but also a book and a dairy.

Getting all of these things made me realise something. Christmas is about the giving. Not material stuff, but things you feel from your heart. Things you make, things you give, from the bottom of your heart.

Tonight learned me to be kind. Kind to the bus driver, kind to the woman at the store. Always listen and open up your heart. If you do so, or if you try, you’ll notice the love you get back. This love has no expectations. It’s made out of kindness.

Christmas is about the giving: the giving of kindness

I learned to listen, and to love the people around you. Not only your inner circle, but also the mail man, or your hairdresser. Try to open up your heart, and to let the love in. If you feel the love then do the must logical thing you can do. Spread the love. Send your kind words to the rest of the world.
Merry Christmas eve.

xx Jazzie


Cooking class in Marrakech


Today is day 5 in Marrakech, and Vincent and I decided to follow a Maroccan cooking class!

I found it online and after checking their site we decided it was a fun thing to do!
The class started at ten in the morning.
We first went to the market, to buy all our ingredients. I pointed out that I was a vegan, it was no problem.
We bought a lot of vegetables, meat for Vincent, fruit for the juice and spices for in our dishes.


After that, we went to the hostel where we were going to cook. The lady who was giving the class, made us Maroccan tea. (You can see it on my YouTube channel; rawjazzie) And then it was time to make the preparations
Prepare (or making your mise en place) is always the most work to do. The cutting, mixing and chopping takes a lot of time.


We were going to make a tagine with vegetables and lamb with a sort of gravin. We also made a mango/orange juice. I’ll be posting the recipe, so you can make it too! We made the lamb in a pressure cooker; if you use a stone tagine, it’ll take over 6 hours to cook. We didn’t have that time, so a pressure cooker is also fine.


It took time to cook; in between we were drinking our juice and relaxing at the rooftop terrace. It was sunny, but not too hot. After 40 minutes it was cooked and we enjoyed our meal. I liked my tagine, there were so any vegetables in it!
The woman who gave the class was very friendly and her English was good.


I recommend  the class because it gives you a new view into the Maroccan culture.  You’ll find out how they make all of your favorite dishes, and you learn to make them yourself. The atmosphere in the class was great; very relaxed and there was no rush. It was a very nice thing to do.

xx Jazzie


BBG week 4

Hey everyone!

yeah, I’m already on week 4 of Kayla’s program. I’m starting to enjoy it, it feels nice to work yourself in sweat. ALthough it’s still hard to do it on school or work days. Like yesterday, I had school and a tea date with my best friend. I was back home around 9, and felt so tired.
So I did it the day after. I don’t think that’s a big problem.
I also have a question: Do you guys drink?
It’s, like we call it here (roughly translated) “partyweek”. It’s like carnaval. All the bars in my village open the doors, they sell drinks on the street. There’s also a fair; with a lot of fun things. Everybody meets eachother; we drink, we laugh, we recollect memories.. And everybody drinks.
I don’t drink much, but I also drink a few glasses. What do you think about that?
Here are my results from this week:
kayla week 4 (1)kayla week 4

I hope you’re enjoying it as well,and that we can see some results in the following weeks!

xx Jazzie


Running is that bomb

Hey readers!
How is your day? I’m  currently sipping on my mint tea,  and sitting in the sun. Could life be any better?  Well maybe. I just had exams all week long, and I have one left next week. But I’m  currently focussing on tomorrow: I’m  gonna visit my university!  I need to make some sort of a test, and depending on the results I get in. You might understand how nervous  I am. I really want to get in. I ran, to relieve me from the stress.


And it helped. I’m  feeling more relaxed now. What is your trick to relax? Do you also go for a run? Or do you start reading or eating?

xx Jazzie
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Studying it it..

Hello 😉

How do you typicaly start your day? With water, like I do? Or do you go shower first?
Every one does something different. And that inspired me to go look for other morning routines.
And I found the one of a Dutch health/cookbookwriter Rens Kroes.
She kicks her day of with this delicious detox drink.
It is warm, something that suprised me.
rawjazzie detox
It’s really easy to make.
Detox morning drink
– ts cinnamon
– ts cayenne peper
– tbsp honey or maple syrup
– 250 ml hot water
– mint
Mixes everything (except the mint) together. Then, after a good stir, pput the mint on top.
It gives you some sort of an energy boost, and that’s what you want, to start the day.
I think I’ll be having this more often.
I have a lot of exames this week. It gives me such a lot of stress!
I try to relax by taking baths and go to yoga classes more often, but my mind feels still so full.
And on top of that I try to do Kayla’s workouts the best I can.
But I have very little time, and a lot of plans or things to do.
But I know, once I get used to Kayla’s regime, and when the schoolstress is over, I’ll be happy that I did everything I had to.
Good luck you guys!


xxx Jazzie


Bikini Body Guide: the beginning

Hey everyone!

I think you’ve all heard of her:Kayla Itsines.
She is the creator of the “Bikini Body Guide”, a guide that will give you your perfect summer body.
I followed Kayla on Instagram,and got very curious. What is this programm which gives such a great results? I started googling it, and found ot that it is a 12 weeks program, based upon excersice and diet.
I bought het book, and today is day one.
Kayla said that its very important to track your progress.
That’s why I made pictures of myself; every week I’m gonna make them, and weigh myself.
Let’s look at me now. BTW, I’m not fat, I only do this to get a lean, muscular body. 😉

This is me now. I just finished workout one.
And it was KILLING me. It was really intense, but it felt great afterwarts.
I’m curious to know which of you have also heard of Kayla, or are also doing her BBG. Please comment below.
I’ll keep you updated!


xx Jazzie
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Hey my loves!
why oh why do I use caps lock? Well because you haven’t seen me in a while. And I’m happy to announce that I’m back!

WHY have I been gone? I had a hard time dealing with life and with myself. I was more aware of my ED and I felt terrible. I didn’t feel like ‘me’ but it felt like there was nothing I could do. But I feel so much better now. I decided that I won’t let a disease rule my life. I’m not sure if this will help me, but it feels like it does. And I get a lot of support from m boyfriend and parents. I still have a disease in my colon, which is also a big part of my life. Living healthy and sport regularly should help me feel better. I always tried, but didn’t made it far because of my ED. But now, I will.

Will you continue this journey with me?

xxx Jazzie