RT4 day 26

Hee everyone,

the day has almost ended here in Amsterdam. It was another school day for me, but I didn’t had to get up early so that was nice. I met a guy whose sister also has my disease, so it was nice talking to him. I, again, made a large lunchpakket made of fruit and a beansalad. I enjoyed it. My dinner was also great. Mum has made a vinegar dressing, and I love it. It doesn’t have anny oil only vinegar.

RT4 day 26

  • Breakfast: 4 banana’s
  • Snack: 2 banana’s
  • Lunch: 2 banana’s and 2 apples, cherry tomatoes
  • Snack: beansalad with paprika and a small soup
  • Dinner: a large salad with mushrooms, tomatoes, cucumber, vinegar, broccoli
  • Snack: ricecrackers and a lollpop


xxx Jazzie


Rt4 day 25


school has started today… But to be honest, I kinda like it. 🙂 Not just working, but learning things. I like to learn new things and I have a lot of cool subjects this year. I follow philosophy, history and a few other things. I hope that this is gonna be a fantastic school year, full of good grades. ^^ I thought about how I could get my nutricients in at school. HOW do I do that?? I thought about carying all of my banana’s, but I can’t keep 10 banana’s in my bag. And they don’t fill me up enough, I always crave after my banana’s. Even when I eat 6 banana’s… So I made a white bean salad with paprika and onion, a fruitsalad, and a salad made of tomtatoes and cucumber. 

Snapchat-20140902020759[1]My lunchbox, a delicious and fresh salad. The girl next to me was also eating, she first ate grapes (healthy) but after that opened a Mars-bar (unhealthy!). I think I stared at her. How could she do that? All the fat,sugars,E-numbers.. All of these things are bad for us. It was weird, ’cause she was, or that’s how it looked, being a healthy person with her fruit. But unfortunately, not all of us take good care of our body. 

RT4 day 25

  • Breakfast: 4 banana’s
  • Snack: white beans with paprika and onion (and hrbs)
  • Lunch: salad with 1 banana
  • Snack: 2 banana;s and 2 apples
  • DInner: 1 slice of toast with hummus and a huge salad with broccoli,beans and other veggies
  • Snack: tomatoes and carrots with hummus 


xxxx Jazzie


RT4 day 22&23

Hey everyone,

I got terrible news a couple days ago. I lost my job in the bookshop. It’s hard because I really liked it there and the fired me because of my illness (a disease in my colon, colitus ulcerosa) . They thought that I wasn’t able to work “flexible” bacause of m hospital appointments. It hurts. But I’ll find something else, I’m sure! My RT4 days are a bit harder, I wasn’t really strict RT4 when I was on holiday, but now I’m trying to be strict again. On day 22 I went out fr dinner, my boyfriend and I went to an Indian place, and GOOOSSH IT WAS SO GOOD. I’d never been there before, never even eaten Indian before, but it was soo damn good. I had the vegetarian option, and my boyfriend, of course, not. I was in a lot of pain afterwarts (all these herbs and spices are a bit too much for my colon)

Day 22

  • Breakfast: soja milk with nuts and fruit and 1 banana
  • Snack: none
  • Lunch: 2 pieces of toast with honey and 3 peaches
  • Snack: soup
  • Dinner: Indian 


Day 23

  • Breakfast: 3 banana’s 
  • Snack: 1 glutenfree  piece of bread with jam and strawberries ( a lot of strawberries)
  • Lunch: a huuuge salad with peas
  • Snack: peaches and carrot with hummus
  • Dinner: salad with tomato,later another salad with cucumber
  • Snack: candy.. (lollipops)

So the candy wasn’t good, but I was on the birthday of my babysit child, she turned eight and she all gave us 2 lollipops. So instead of refusing them, I ate them both. Sometimes it’s hard t say no…



xxx Jazzie





RT4 day 3

Goodevening everyone 🙂
I’ve survived day 3, haha! Again, this was a hot day. I ate almost all of my meals at home, and whenever I’m at home I’ll always follow the guidelines. So I can proudly say: today was a good day! OKey, I ate a lot of rice but I walked a lot at work and I had a morning workout. 🙂 I managed to run (although it were only 3.4 km)! I felt not as tired as I usually did, so that’s a good thing. But I also slept like 8 houres, so that can also be the cause… I hope it’s from RT4. I felt quite happy today. Oh, I forgot to tell it yesterday, but whenever I’m at my work (in the cafe/restaurant) I don’t eat lunch around 1 but around 3/4. That’s why I sometimes eat a cooked lunch.

Day 3 RT4
Breakfast: 3 apples, 1 banana
Snack: watermelon, 3 banana’s
Lunch: gluten free bread (quite a lot) with humus and sushi
Snack: none
Dinner: Rice with some veggies (like paprika and eggplant)
Snack: More sushi….


xx Jazziee


The first day

Goodmorning folks!

today is THE day I start doing RT4. And I’m so excited, looking forward to begin and start having this clean and pure lifestyle. I’m currently sipping on my hot tea, and thinking about my meals. I think it is handy for me to plan most  of them forward, so that I won’t come for any suprises and fall of track.  I think it’s something that’s important in the beginning, I’m coming from a half veggie lifestyle, with lots of bread and sugarry things. So it’s easy to be temptated by lot’s of things. But I really want this so I’m gonna make it work! Have a nice day everyone.

xxx Jazzie