The start of a new year

Hey everyone!

Did you enjoyed new years eve? I certainly did. I went to a party of my neighbours; Paul&Paul. It was so much fun. There were “old people” that I already knew, and new people that I got to know. I talked with people from all over the world, and I got inspired by their happines and positive thoughts.


Me & my wonderful mum

But it’s 2015 now, and I’m feeling brandnew.
I haven’t eaten any meat or dairy yet; I haven’t feel temptated, but I’m sure that’s gonna come up someday.
I ate a lot of banana’s the past few days and I’m feeling a bit like a monkey. All I do is peeling banana’s… I’m not at Banana Island, but it sure feels like it. I’m eating this much banana’s because I wanted to start the year with somesort of a cleanse, and it gives amazing health results. School is gonna start tuesday and I’m not really feeling like it. There’s so much to do in so little time.. But I need to be motivated: I’m in good health, I now I’m capable of doing it; so let’s do it!


xx Jazzie


RT4 day 26

Hee everyone,

the day has almost ended here in Amsterdam. It was another school day for me, but I didn’t had to get up early so that was nice. I met a guy whose sister also has my disease, so it was nice talking to him. I, again, made a large lunchpakket made of fruit and a beansalad. I enjoyed it. My dinner was also great. Mum has made a vinegar dressing, and I love it. It doesn’t have anny oil only vinegar.

RT4 day 26

  • Breakfast: 4 banana’s
  • Snack: 2 banana’s
  • Lunch: 2 banana’s and 2 apples, cherry tomatoes
  • Snack: beansalad with paprika and a small soup
  • Dinner: a large salad with mushrooms, tomatoes, cucumber, vinegar, broccoli
  • Snack: ricecrackers and a lollpop


xxx Jazzie


Raw Jazzie

Hey everyone,

this is my first post. And to be honest, it feels a bit scary. But I’m excited to start, so here we go. I’m starting this blog to write about my life, and the new lifestyle I found. RT4.

But first, let’s tell you something about me. I’m Jazzelyn, and I live in a town next to Amsterdam. I still live with my parents, because of the rental prices and because they’re wonderful people who love and ecourage me. I ‘m 20 and I have a boyfriend, we’ve been together for over three years now. I LOVE tea, movies, books, inspiring people and tons of other things. I like to pretent I’m a good cook, and I like to ride my bike or jog every now and then. Like everyone, I also have my issues. The biggest one is my chronical disease: I have colitus ulcerosa. It’s a disease in my colon, and it makes it hard sometimes to do the things I want. But I’m stubborn; mot of the times I’ll do them anyway. Because of my disease (and mostly the pain that comes with it) I decided to start the RT4 journey. I hope it makes me (feel) healthier, and that it also keeps my inflammations down.