No concentration?! Try these tips!

Hey everyone,

I think we all have that moment; when it’s four o’clock and you’ve been in school for waaay to long. I often get bored, and loose focus. I start to draw, talk, check my Instagram (rawjazzie).
Lately I have these little techniques that keeps my mind where it should be.

1) Put away your cellphone! You can’t listen when you’re busy with Facebook.. It’s just till class is gone, see it as a challenge. (How long untill I HAVE to check my phone?)
2) Bring something to eat&drink to class. You need to feed your body in order to let your mind work. So take an apple or something sweet with you.
3) Write along with your teacher. Write down keywords, or just words that you notice. If you do so, you’ll be hearing and writing, and therefore better memorise it.
4) Ask if a window can be opened. Several studies showed that fresh air helps the brain.
5) Don’t look at the clock. When I see how long I have left in class, the spare time there feels like a mountain to climb. If I stop looking at the clock, and focus on my teacher time seems to go a lot quicker.

I’m having a long day today, so I’m really hoping that my tips will work again. If you thought some were usefull, or if you have some more to add, comment below!


xx Jazzie
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Running is that bomb

Hey readers!
How is your day? I’m  currently sipping on my mint tea,  and sitting in the sun. Could life be any better?  Well maybe. I just had exams all week long, and I have one left next week. But I’m  currently focussing on tomorrow: I’m  gonna visit my university!  I need to make some sort of a test, and depending on the results I get in. You might understand how nervous  I am. I really want to get in. I ran, to relieve me from the stress.


And it helped. I’m  feeling more relaxed now. What is your trick to relax? Do you also go for a run? Or do you start reading or eating?

xx Jazzie
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Love to a grasshopper

I know, my title is really weird. Well, so was my meeting with this little grasshopper yesterday. But it is a cute story.
Yesterday was a school day, so I went to school on my bike. While I was cycling, I found this little green friend. He was sitting on my bike. I thought I could protect him from falling off, till I was at school. Then I could bring him to some bushes. But, while I was cycling, he decided to go sit on my coat.
I arrived at school and couldn’t find my little friend, I thought he flew away. But when I arrived at my locker, I found him hanging in my hair! My classes already started so I gave him a spot in my locker..
And when I got back from classes, he was still there. I carried him home and set him free i the garden.
Everyone around me (I told some people about my grasshopper) thought it was weird, thought that I had to kill it. But why? It’s just another small, living creature. Why should I kill it for no reason?
It made me realize we’re not all the same.


xx Jazziee


RT4 day 26

Hee everyone,

the day has almost ended here in Amsterdam. It was another school day for me, but I didn’t had to get up early so that was nice. I met a guy whose sister also has my disease, so it was nice talking to him. I, again, made a large lunchpakket made of fruit and a beansalad. I enjoyed it. My dinner was also great. Mum has made a vinegar dressing, and I love it. It doesn’t have anny oil only vinegar.

RT4 day 26

  • Breakfast: 4 banana’s
  • Snack: 2 banana’s
  • Lunch: 2 banana’s and 2 apples, cherry tomatoes
  • Snack: beansalad with paprika and a small soup
  • Dinner: a large salad with mushrooms, tomatoes, cucumber, vinegar, broccoli
  • Snack: ricecrackers and a lollpop


xxx Jazzie


Rt4 day 25


school has started today… But to be honest, I kinda like it. 🙂 Not just working, but learning things. I like to learn new things and I have a lot of cool subjects this year. I follow philosophy, history and a few other things. I hope that this is gonna be a fantastic school year, full of good grades. ^^ I thought about how I could get my nutricients in at school. HOW do I do that?? I thought about carying all of my banana’s, but I can’t keep 10 banana’s in my bag. And they don’t fill me up enough, I always crave after my banana’s. Even when I eat 6 banana’s… So I made a white bean salad with paprika and onion, a fruitsalad, and a salad made of tomtatoes and cucumber. 

Snapchat-20140902020759[1]My lunchbox, a delicious and fresh salad. The girl next to me was also eating, she first ate grapes (healthy) but after that opened a Mars-bar (unhealthy!). I think I stared at her. How could she do that? All the fat,sugars,E-numbers.. All of these things are bad for us. It was weird, ’cause she was, or that’s how it looked, being a healthy person with her fruit. But unfortunately, not all of us take good care of our body. 

RT4 day 25

  • Breakfast: 4 banana’s
  • Snack: white beans with paprika and onion (and hrbs)
  • Lunch: salad with 1 banana
  • Snack: 2 banana;s and 2 apples
  • DInner: 1 slice of toast with hummus and a huge salad with broccoli,beans and other veggies
  • Snack: tomatoes and carrots with hummus 


xxxx Jazzie


Why I haven’t been writing.

Hello peeps!
I’m really sorry. I haven’t been writing for over two weeks. I didn’t wrote you, because I went on a holiday. There was no good internet connection, so it was almost impossible to write. BUT I’m back now! School is almost starting again, and I need to prepare myself for the ‘normal life’ (no late nights or going out, no watching series all day long..) but I can handle that.
I’ve had a great holiday, but I’m happy to go to school again. I think it’s mainly because of the normal sructure, and because I get to learn things. I felt bored and I’m eager to study/learn again.

xx Jazzie

ps, The bowl in the front pic is actually a salad! They put it into a toasted breadbowl!