Feeling a bit sick, but got myself delicious soup!


Remember my post about my cold feet yesterday? I should have known, haha. I was cold all day yesterday and today, and I didn’t knew why.
Untill 3 o’clock. I felt horrible, I had stomachpain and threw up.
I’m feeling a bit sick now.
I know that a lot of people have the flu, which is strange ’cause it’s already spring and almost april! Shouldn’t that be over now?
I also always thought that all of the RT4/vegan people had an amazing immune system, but clearly not, haha.
Thank God I have the best mum, ’cause she made me this amazing soup. This is currently my state of mind:

I call it; ‘Bored and feeling like crap’. Hooray.
A delicious vegan soup, with a lot of veggies! She really put everything in it. If this isn’t gonna make me better, what will?
At least I’m getting all my vitamins in. 🙂
A completely different subject; but do you guys have an Instagram account?
I do, and I’m looking for some refreshing, new accounts. So if you want me to follow you, post your name below.
Mine is the same as my blog: @rawjazzie.
I hope that you like to follow me. I post about my food, yoga,running.. And a lot more. I’m always open to suggestions for great accounts, so let me know.
Take care lovelies.


xx Jazzie