New years resolutions


I thought I already posted this one, but I saw I didn’t. . Oops. I know it’s now January,  and that were almost going into February. That doesn’t mind. My resolutions can’t be done in a month, so I’ll still post them. I would love to check out new blogs BTW,  so please like or comment. Then I can find your blog easier.


These 4 things are all goals, although I already do a lot of them.
My resolutions:
Eat less junk and do more meal prep.
Most of the times when I forget to pack lunch or dinner, I forget to eat in college. Then when I get home all hungry, I eat easy fat food. Sometimes sugary things, sometimes take away. I want to meal prep more, so there’s always something healthy (or somewhat healthy) in the fridge to grab.
I want to gain muscles.
I’ll make a post about my body later. But what I can tell you now; my arms look skinny but they have no muscles. My legs are the opposite; I run and cycle a lot so they contain a lot of muscles. I’m just not in muscle proportion, haha.
– I want to do more with friends and keep better contact.
I love my friends, they are my



my support and my savers. I am so busy with school and work, that I sometimes forget to seek contact. I want to change that and see them more often.
– I want to feel good about myself
I don’t hate my body, but I struggle with habits I have. They make me feel insecure. I want to change, or make a start to change them. I hope the “new” me can give me confidence.

Have you made resolutions? Did you manage to work on them?! I’m curious!

xx Jazzie


Tips to get your morning started


Some of us have no problem with getting out of bed. Others find it more difficult. Are you the one who always snooze for 20 minutes? Do you set 3 alarms to make sure you’ll wake up? Then these tips might be helpful!

Try not to snooze, but jump out of bed and get moving! You’ll be awake in seconds, and also giving your metabolism a boost.

Drink water. Make sure you have a big bottle filled up with water next to your bed, and make this the first thing you do when you open your eyes. Your body can use the hydration.

Take a cold shower. Just what suits you,if you really can’t stand the cold then find a way between your normal temperature and the cold. If you do this at first, you’ll give your body a shock. I assure you, this one works.

Buy a alarm with a radio option and put it at the end of your bed. If you wake up with a loud of hard sound (voice in my case; I always woke up when they were telling the news) you’ll be annoyed. But because it’s at the end of your bed, you need to get out to stop it. And no; DON’T go back!


I hope you can find a tip that is useful  for you. Try to do it on a day to day base; if you give up after once it will probably not help you. Good luck with trying!


xxx Jazzie


Cold feet

Hey lovely people!

To begin with; if someone knows a solution please share it with me!
Uch, it’s march and here in Holland it’s still cold. And I don’t like that. Particularly now that I’m vegan.
Spring has just began, ans I hoped that with the spring the sun wouls come.
But nope,  the sun decided to stay on the other side of the world.
Too bad for me, and my feet.
I have the coldest feet you could ever think of.
Are there more people with cold bodyparts?
Since I began my vegan life, I started to habe cold hands and feet. Before that they were cold every now and then. Nothing strange.
But now..
I sleep with socks every night!


And even then, they won’t warm up.
I hate cold feet.
I hope that someone recognise this, and might have the solution for warm feet. Thank you!


xx Jazzie


Want to be healthy?! Become a sleepyhead!

Hey loves!

It’s time for another blog entry, jeeh! I’m so excited about this one, because a lot of people seem to forget this one. And because I like sleeping very much. ^^

Yeah, you’re right; I’m reading a blog about sleeping. Sleeping seems boring, one of the must useless things to do with your time.
But that’s absolute NOT true!
Your body needs sleep, just as much as it needs food or sport.
You probably think that you get enough sleep, but do you?
A friend of mine gave me this article: What happens if you get less than 8 hours sleep?
It clearly shows the mental and fysical damage you put yourself threw if you get less than 8 hours sleep.

I talked about the importance of a proper diet and sport. When you follow the RT4 lifestyle, and exercise regularly, you’re on track. But you still seem to miss something; SLEEP.
While you’re asleep, your body gets time to relax. You can let your sorrows slip away, and you can give your body some recovery.

So people, make sure you get enough sleep, so you can feel fit and energized when you wake up. Sleeping early is hard in the beginning, but you”ll get used to it. 😉

xx Jazzie