RT4 day 22&23

Hey everyone,

I got terrible news a couple days ago. I lost my job in the bookshop. It’s hard because I really liked it there and the fired me because of my illness (a disease in my colon, colitus ulcerosa) . They thought that I wasn’t able to work “flexible” bacause of m hospital appointments. It hurts. But I’ll find something else, I’m sure! My RT4 days are a bit harder, I wasn’t really strict RT4 when I was on holiday, but now I’m trying to be strict again. On day 22 I went out fr dinner, my boyfriend and I went to an Indian place, and GOOOSSH IT WAS SO GOOD. I’d never been there before, never even eaten Indian before, but it was soo damn good. I had the vegetarian option, and my boyfriend, of course, not. I was in a lot of pain afterwarts (all these herbs and spices are a bit too much for my colon)

Day 22

  • Breakfast: soja milk with nuts and fruit and 1 banana
  • Snack: none
  • Lunch: 2 pieces of toast with honey and 3 peaches
  • Snack: soup
  • Dinner: Indian 


Day 23

  • Breakfast: 3 banana’s 
  • Snack: 1 glutenfree  piece of bread with jam and strawberries ( a lot of strawberries)
  • Lunch: a huuuge salad with peas
  • Snack: peaches and carrot with hummus
  • Dinner: salad with tomato,later another salad with cucumber
  • Snack: candy.. (lollipops)

So the candy wasn’t good, but I was on the birthday of my babysit child, she turned eight and she all gave us 2 lollipops. So instead of refusing them, I ate them both. Sometimes it’s hard t say no…



xxx Jazzie