High carb ninja


I still eat like the vegan high carb way. I love my carbs,  and I get them out of fruit or pasta/patatoes.

Of course I also eat a lot of veggies and rice. I love salads and beans.
I try to eat as various as possible, sometimes this can be quite challenging. Especially when I’m at work and need to eat something in a hurry. Most of the times I grab something fattening, something that makes me feel saturated for a short petite of time.

Why do I do this? Why do I make the decision to eat fat food that is actually not good for me.

I think it has to do something to do with the fact that I have little time. I need to eat in minutes and fastfood is easy to eat. It’s also cheap and you don’t have to do anything to prepare it. It’s just easy, I’m to much in a hurry and to lazy to make something before.

I want to do something about this because I’m gaining weight and it’s making me feel bad. I gained a lot of weight over the years and that was a good thing. Due to my illness I was pretty sick and underweight. Now I’m at a healthy weight,  but I don’t want to gain more. I already gained more than planned.

I think it’s a good idea if I think better about what I’m going to eat. I need to meal prep more. If I do that, there’ll be always something in my fridge I can eat before work.

xxx Jazzie


Vegan dinner club


I discovered something new. And I’m so happy I found it. Or better said, them. Do you all know the concept of a dinner club? You go to a location, people cook for you and you pay/or give something in return? (I also made a vlog about my day worth of food)

Well, today I discovered a vegan dinner club, in the middle of Amsterdam. I didn’t knew what to expect, and I hoped I’ll get some tasty food.

I got a really really nice, nutritional and healthy meals!  It cost 6 euro, but this was what I got:


In the cup is lemonade, freshly made. The yellow substance in the little bowl was Dahl soup. The orange sauce on the left was a mango chutney. Then there was rice with cashews, and a salad made of papaya, kale and other veggies. And finally the green stuff on the right was spinach with chickpeas and lentils. Later I got a dessert, a small piece of a cranberry cake, with maple syrup on top.

It was so great to eat with like minded people. They understood me as a vegan, I didn’t have to ask if the cake was made with butter. They all talked about how they knew we could change the world, person by person, by becoming vegan.

I loved it, and I will definitely be back.
Have you got dinner clubs where you live? Vegan ones?

xx Jazzie


Starting with a powerjuice


This morning I started my day with a power juice.  I had to be at work at 6.30, really early for me. I couldn’t eat yet, but didn’t want to work on an empty stomach. 

The solution?
A power juice from Brandstof! The juices from Brandstof are fresh (they have a 3 day fresh grantee) and made out of veggies. They have all kind of flavours, and they all give your morning a boost. They use ingredients like ginger or vennel, that really boost up your metabolism.


I think it’s never a good idea to skip breakfast completely, but to have a juice instead seems like a good thing to me.

What do you think about a juice to start your day with? Good idea or a no go? Is it to much of an effort, or do you buy it like I did?

Thanks for the reading, and like or comment. I’m happy to be sharing my journey for a better health with you.

xxx Jazzie


The potato diet hype


I think some of you (or maybe all) watch you tubers talking about their diet. (I show you my diet in this video you’ll see what I eat on a normal day ) Maybe you’ve seen High Carn Hannah, who just finished her potato diet. It turned into a massive hype, she even made it to the Australian newspaper. But why the hype? Let me explain things the way I see it.

What is the potato diet?
It’s a diet for 30 days, in which you’re only allowed to eat potatoes. Yes you can have some greens on the side, but the focus is on the potatoes.


Potatoes are your source for energy, and you’ll be eating them every meal. All kinds are allowed.

Why would you do this?
Eating one type of food can help your digestion. Your bowel has to digest only one type of food, what makes it a lot easier to digest. It can also work as a detox : it clears your body from toxins. It can help get rid of stomach pain or bad skin. Not for everyone, but for a lot of people.

Why the hype?
I think it’s because it’s something new and maybe ‘extreme’. A lot of people can not imagine to eat only potatoes for a whole month. Hannah also had great results so a lot of people are curious and want to try it themselves. I think it’s the same as it was with Freelee’s ‘banana island’  a few years ago.

Am I gonna try it?
No. I love potatoes, don’t get me wrong, but I don’t want to eat them for a whole month. I don’t see the benefits of that. I love to eat out; to eat with friends or cook with my love. I don’t think I’ll be happy to do this for such a long time. But maybe I’ll try it for a week.

What do you think about the potato diet? Healthy or not? Should I try the week version?

xxx Jazzie


Meet the runners


As some of you may know, I love to run. That’s why I started joining a running club. We run every Sunday, it doesn’t matter what kind of weather it is. We run every Sunday, even in the summer. I also run on my own, but running in a team gives me a good feeling. I always feel satisfied after our run. I love to talk to everyone and I love the little exercises we do in between. The most important thing is: you run for yourself, at your own speed, at your own pace. I love that.


It’s amazing to see how some of us are a bit older, and some young. Some of us are thin, some a bit bigger. But we can run together, because of our motto.

Everyone runs at their own speed, you run for yourself.

The group inspired me to work out more, and to come even when I feel not like it. When I’m having trouble with my disease, there’s always support and love from the group. No one is pushing me to push it to the limits, but they are motivation and prepared to help.
Working out feels like a blessing with people like that.

I can all advise you to join a club, because of the team spirit. Because you deserve to know: you don’t have to do this on your own. I hope I’ll be able to run with them for a long time.

xx Jazzie


Healthy Recipe: breakfast jar


Like everyone else I made a resolution this year, to eat more healthy. Did I manage to do that?  A bit.
Today this was my breakfast:


And yes,  it was as good as it looks. If course I want you all to eat good healthy (vegan) food and that’s why I’ll be posting the recipe.

Did I manage to do that? Yes, a bit.

I also made a vlog about my day, and what I ate. It’s a short video,  and all about my food.

-180 gram (soy) yoghurt
– 1 Apple
– 2 tbsp maple syrup
– 2 tbsp chia seed
– 1 kiwi
– a jar

How to make:
Cut your apple into small pieces. But them at the bottom of your jar. Fill your jar up with yoghurt. Then put the maple syrup in, and sprinkle the seeds on. Cut the kiwi and finish it off with the kiwi in top. Enjoy!

Start your day healthy with this breakfast. And you can take it with you, it’s in a jar and easy to bring with you.

xx Jazzie


Kale chips: the recipe


Last week I was hungry all day. I snacked on fruit but it wasn’t satisfying me. I wanted something crunchy, something nice. So I made kale chips, for the first time in my life.


It was so easy and so tasty,  that I want to give you all the recipe for this amazing snack!
Ingredients :
– kale leafs
–  paprika powder
– oil (optional, I didn’t use it)
– salt
– pepper

Preheat your oven on 200°. Pick a tray and put some paper on it.

Cut the kale into eat able pieces.
Season them with herbs, you can also use garlic powder or basil.

Put it all in the oven for about 8 minutes, check if they are crispy. Of they aren’t then put them back for 4 more minutes.

It’s ‘s easy and ready under 15 minutes. I love to bring them to the cinema, or serve them when I have friends over. It’s my favourite new snack.

xx Jazzie