Marrakech review: Camel riding


I already wrote a post about the difference between camel and elephant riding. So, you might have known that Vincent&I went for a camel ride.
At first I was a bit suspicious, I was afraid of how they treated the camels. Would it be good, or bad as the elephants in Thailand? Well, I can happily say that it was amazing.

They treated the camels well, stroke them and gave them peanuts and beans.
They didn’t hurt them; and when one of the camels decided he didn’t want to walk anymore, they didn’t push them to walk. They just waited, and they tried to command him to walk. It was fun to see, they treated the camels like dogs.

We went for the camel ride around sunset. The weather was great, and we had to wear blue suits like the man in the picture. It felt a bit weird to sit on the camel. But my camel (I called him Frankie) was real sweet. I could stroke him and he listened pretty well. We made a trip to the dessert; it was reallt special to do that on the back of a camel!

After 1 hour we stopped at a berber house, and a woman brought us tea. In French she told us that this house was from her and her family, who also owned the camels. Thetea was Maroccan tea: 4 spoons of sugar for just a little cup. You get used to it.
After the tea we went on the camels again; that was when 1 of the camels didn’t want to walk anymore.
After some beans (see picture above) he wanted to walk again. It was funny, he acted like a little child.
We saw the sunset and it was breathtaking.
If you ever go to Marocco, please to something like this.
But: check it first out, I did research and discovered this tour, were they were good to the camels. Be sure you book something like that.


xx jazzie

Jaz  on the camel


Marrakech; camel riding and visiting the souks


Vincent and I arrived in Marrakech! Our first day is more like a first night, but still. The temperature was really great; it’s 34° while in Holland it’s 16°. I brought some skirts and dresses. Our hotel is nice, it’s in the new city. We would like to have stayed in the old city, but it was so expensive.. We arrived pretty late so on the first night we ate at the first restaurant we saw. It turned out to be really good! It was an Italian restaurant  (Little Italy) and they served amazing home made pasta’s. With the cheese on the side, so I was really happy.


The second day we went to the souks and got overwhelmed by all the people who wanted to sell us stuff. The taxi driver who brought us, showed us a spices store where I bought saffron lipbalm. After that he brought us to the souks. The souks were beautiful; all the colours, spices and shoes..


We ate our first Maroccan meal in Medina, I had a tagine with vegetables. It was so delicious! I think I’ll be eating this more then once.. In the evening we did a camel ride, but I’ll write a seperate post about that. It was amazing.
Looking forward to tomorrow!


xx Jazzie