Londen; day 1


I went to Londen a few days ago. Only stayed there for 1 night, but it was awesome. I love Londen. I went with my mum and we had such a good time together.


We had an high tea, which wasn’t completely vegan, but most of the thing were vegan so everything else was for mum. 😄
Since I watched Sherlock on Netflix (about 2 years ago) I wanted to go to Bakerstreet.  I don’t know why but I’ve been in Londen 2 times since but never went there. So today we decided to go!


Here I am,  in front of his house. I was totally fan girling there. I doubt that’s even a verb, but you probably get what I mean.


We walked around the old Dickens streets and ate lunch in the sun. We ate dinner around Picadilly circus, and did some shopping. I only bought a bag in the Disney store. Cinderella is on it.

I already knew that you can eat a lot as a vegan in Londen, you just have to look good and go to different places. The tourist restaurant don’t have vegan options on their menu, but the local restaurants do. And you can of course always ask for it. I made a video about my day, you can see it here. I hope I made you all want to go to Londen. It’s amazing, definitely worth a visit.

xx Jazzie


High carb ninja


I still eat like the vegan high carb way. I love my carbs,  and I get them out of fruit or pasta/patatoes.

Of course I also eat a lot of veggies and rice. I love salads and beans.
I try to eat as various as possible, sometimes this can be quite challenging. Especially when I’m at work and need to eat something in a hurry. Most of the times I grab something fattening, something that makes me feel saturated for a short petite of time.

Why do I do this? Why do I make the decision to eat fat food that is actually not good for me.

I think it has to do something to do with the fact that I have little time. I need to eat in minutes and fastfood is easy to eat. It’s also cheap and you don’t have to do anything to prepare it. It’s just easy, I’m to much in a hurry and to lazy to make something before.

I want to do something about this because I’m gaining weight and it’s making me feel bad. I gained a lot of weight over the years and that was a good thing. Due to my illness I was pretty sick and underweight. Now I’m at a healthy weight,  but I don’t want to gain more. I already gained more than planned.

I think it’s a good idea if I think better about what I’m going to eat. I need to meal prep more. If I do that, there’ll be always something in my fridge I can eat before work.

xxx Jazzie


Kale chips: the recipe


Last week I was hungry all day. I snacked on fruit but it wasn’t satisfying me. I wanted something crunchy, something nice. So I made kale chips, for the first time in my life.


It was so easy and so tasty,  that I want to give you all the recipe for this amazing snack!
Ingredients :
– kale leafs
–  paprika powder
– oil (optional, I didn’t use it)
– salt
– pepper

Preheat your oven on 200°. Pick a tray and put some paper on it.

Cut the kale into eat able pieces.
Season them with herbs, you can also use garlic powder or basil.

Put it all in the oven for about 8 minutes, check if they are crispy. Of they aren’t then put them back for 4 more minutes.

It’s ‘s easy and ready under 15 minutes. I love to bring them to the cinema, or serve them when I have friends over. It’s my favourite new snack.

xx Jazzie


Juice fast day 2


Already day 2. I survived day 1, it went pretty well. Did had a light headache bit that’s also due to the cold I had to face outside. It was freezing and I wasn’t wearing a hat. My fault. I also made a video about yesterday, it’s here. I tell about the juices and drink one in the bus.


About today. Was I excited this morning?
Was I feeing fit today?
Will I continue this fast?
But I wasn’t feeling that good. I was hungry all day. At the end of the afternoon I are one apple. I just had to. I’m not feeling guilty. I also baked cookies out of the leftover pulp from my juices. If I feel like I need to eat, I can eat that. At least it’s healthy. This is the video about today.

A lot of people told me today that I looked pale. I wasn’t wearing make up, but maybe it’s because of the detox. I felt tired and I wasn’t that happy. I think it’s also because I wanted to eat the sushi my mum got. I’m still determined to continue. Let’s see what tomorrow will bring me!


xxx Jazzie


New years resolutions


I thought I already posted this one, but I saw I didn’t. . Oops. I know it’s now January,  and that were almost going into February. That doesn’t mind. My resolutions can’t be done in a month, so I’ll still post them. I would love to check out new blogs BTW,  so please like or comment. Then I can find your blog easier.


These 4 things are all goals, although I already do a lot of them.
My resolutions:
Eat less junk and do more meal prep.
Most of the times when I forget to pack lunch or dinner, I forget to eat in college. Then when I get home all hungry, I eat easy fat food. Sometimes sugary things, sometimes take away. I want to meal prep more, so there’s always something healthy (or somewhat healthy) in the fridge to grab.
I want to gain muscles.
I’ll make a post about my body later. But what I can tell you now; my arms look skinny but they have no muscles. My legs are the opposite; I run and cycle a lot so they contain a lot of muscles. I’m just not in muscle proportion, haha.
– I want to do more with friends and keep better contact.
I love my friends, they are my



my support and my savers. I am so busy with school and work, that I sometimes forget to seek contact. I want to change that and see them more often.
– I want to feel good about myself
I don’t hate my body, but I struggle with habits I have. They make me feel insecure. I want to change, or make a start to change them. I hope the “new” me can give me confidence.

Have you made resolutions? Did you manage to work on them?! I’m curious!

xx Jazzie


Vegan cooking; tapas night


Tonight I had dinner at a friends house. He knows I’m a vegan, and he wanted to make dinner together. We decided to make tapas! Why tapas? Well because I like eating and this way you can eat a lot of different things. It’s also easy for him, because I’m the only vegan tonight. Not everyone wants to eat the way I do. I respect that, so eating tapas is a great idea. This is what we made;


(From left to the right)
– peppers filled with mushrooms, spring onions and spinach
– corn/kidney bean salad with cherry tomatoes
– salad with cucumber, green pepper and spinach
– filled eggs (not vegan)
– dates with pieces of  banana’s inside
– bruschetta
– no-tuna-tuna salad

And today I’ll give you the recipe for the bruschetta.
– bread (I like Turkish bread)
– tomatoes
– garlic
– basil
-olive oil

How to make
Preheat the oven at 200° . Then cut the tomatoes, you’ll only need the outside, the ‘hard’ part.
Cut your bread and put it in the oven for about 5 minutes.
Then cut the ‘hard’ part of the tomato in small dices. Throw away the wet inside.
Cut garlic into very,very tiny pieces, and do the same with the garlic. Put the garlic,basil and tomatoes in a bowl together with the olive oil. Mix it well.
Take your bread out and put some tomato salsa on top. Voila!

It’s an easy yet delicious recipe. I like to make it as an appetizer, or eat it as my lunch. You’ll always score with this one.

xx Jazzie


City tripping; Antwerpen


5 days ago I went back to the city that stole my heart. Antwerpen. I’ve been there for over a dozen times, but arriving in the city still makes me feel like a human. It makes me feel alive.

I feel connected to this city, and every time we go there I get blown away by the beautiful architecture and the kindness of the people. And I’m lucky,  I only live 1.5 hour away from the city. So I go several times a year.

This time I went with my parents to buy myself some Christmas clothes. And I found everything I was looking for.


We also went to the Christmas market, it had so many cute things! There also was ice skating and several food stands. It was sunny.

And I felt the love. The love for the city, the love for the people. I felt so grateful for my wonderful mum and dad who took me here.


I can’t explain my love and fascination for this city. It’s just something I feel from the inside.
What is your favorite city?  Why?

I would love to hear from you guys. Antwerpen is a great city if you want to do a short (Christmas) city trip. The market gets bigger every year and you can shop everything you like at the meir. The beers are cold and in abundance, the mussels are fresh and the people kind. What more do you want?

xx Jazzie


Boxing day; share


I’m still in Brussel with my family. We’re having a great time, filled with good food and nice talks. And the best of all are all the jokes and believe me, we made a lot of them.

Today we walked through Brussel and we saw a lot of gypsies. Some were sitting with a cup, others were sleeping. I wanted to do something for them but I didn’t knew what. So I gave them what I just bought; some 70% pure chocolate. I gave my bar to a man who wore a Santa suit. He smiled and kept making a bow gesture. I felt happy afterwards.

Later we were having a drink at a square and a man was playing the guitar. He sang pretty good. He didn’t look unhappy. He was only wearing a thin coat. I felt sorry for him, I was wearing my expensive clothes and shoes and what did he had? He had his music. So I went out there and I bought a cd, his cd. It was 10 euro but worth every cent. He and his wife looked so happy.

So the message I sent out this last day of celebration is; share. Share love. Share money. Share what you have left. It will make other people feel better, and it will give you such a good feeling. You made someone happy. 

I shared my chocolate bar with him, and the men seemed so happy. I have him little but got something big in return; love.

We sometimes forget what we have, and we forget what we have left. Things we don’t use, can be extremely useful for someone else. Things we have in abundance can give others joy. So share today. Share love, share hope or even money. Give away what you have too much.


xx Jazzie


Christmas eve; be kind


In Holland it’s now Christmas eve. And I wish you all a wonderful night. I spent the night at my boyfriend’s,  we ate and gave each other presents.

I was really happy and grateful : his dad made a special vegan Christmas dinner for me. He made a lot of veggies,cooked in different ways. And as a starter he bought me vegan sushi. On top of that;  they gave me a lot of presents. Things like a spiralizer, but also a book and a dairy.

Getting all of these things made me realise something. Christmas is about the giving. Not material stuff, but things you feel from your heart. Things you make, things you give, from the bottom of your heart.

Tonight learned me to be kind. Kind to the bus driver, kind to the woman at the store. Always listen and open up your heart. If you do so, or if you try, you’ll notice the love you get back. This love has no expectations. It’s made out of kindness.

Christmas is about the giving: the giving of kindness

I learned to listen, and to love the people around you. Not only your inner circle, but also the mail man, or your hairdresser. Try to open up your heart, and to let the love in. If you feel the love then do the must logical thing you can do. Spread the love. Send your kind words to the rest of the world.
Merry Christmas eve.

xx Jazzie


Christmas shopping; how to keep your head cool


Tomorrow is Christmas eve, so exciting! I already bought my presents, but here are some tips for the people who didn’t. We all know them; they all push it to the end, but then get stressed out when everything is sold out..

1. Sold out? Try buying it online. If that doesn’t work, try your social network. Maybe some of your Facebook friends owns the book your desperately looking for, and wants to sell it to you.

2. Look on pinterest for DIY things. Maybe a calender? Or a bookmark?


3. Trade some things with friends. If you have a lot of dvd’s you already know that you’re never gonna watch, try to trade them. Maybe you can give your new dvd to a friend, and watch them together. Also buy popcorn and coke (or wine) and call it a movie night!

4. Buy food. Nobody ever hated food. I never know what I should give to my grandma. So pretty much every time I and up buying her chocolates. She always eats them straight away.

5. I could say; buy it one time, but that’s to late now. You can make a list for next year. I always make a list with things I think this person may like. And then when I see it on sale I buy it. This can be in August but also in April. That way you’ll never be without a present in December.

6. Create a present using your skill. Can you play the piano? Or write beautiful poems? Play a piece especially for someone, or write something about him/her.


My coupon for my dad to drink coffee and eat some pie with me.

7. If your present really can’t be delivered or bought; give something for after the holidays. Make a coupon for a lunch, or buy a ticket for a concert.

8. If you’re initial present can’t be bought,  then buy something practical. This is a good idea because the things we need cost money, and it isn’t fun buying them. If you get them you can be certain it’s something that you’re gonna use,and it saves you money! I love it when my mum buys me pretty underwear or beautiful sheets.

I hope you can use my tips to make an amazing Christmas with lots of good well-thought-not-bought-at-the-last-minute- presents.

xx Jazz