Bikini Body Guide: the beginning

Hey everyone!

I think you’ve all heard of her:Kayla Itsines.
She is the creator of the “Bikini Body Guide”, a guide that will give you your perfect summer body.
I followed Kayla on Instagram,and got very curious. What is this programm which gives such a great results? I started googling it, and found ot that it is a 12 weeks program, based upon excersice and diet.
I bought het book, and today is day one.
Kayla said that its very important to track your progress.
That’s why I made pictures of myself; every week I’m gonna make them, and weigh myself.
Let’s look at me now. BTW, I’m not fat, I only do this to get a lean, muscular body. 😉

This is me now. I just finished workout one.
And it was KILLING me. It was really intense, but it felt great afterwarts.
I’m curious to know which of you have also heard of Kayla, or are also doing her BBG. Please comment below.
I’ll keep you updated!


xx Jazzie
Instagram: rawjazzie