Friday Favorites

Hey everyone!

I know it’s not weekend yet, but I’m already dreaming about it. The favorite day of the week? Friday! I don’t have to work, have college till 3, and there is always time to do soemthing fun. (or to attend a party).
Wanna know what my friday favorites are?
1) I love to start my day relaxed, and on friday I have time to do that. I start my day with yoga (extended sunsolution) and normally I don’t have time for that. It’s a great way to begin your day.
2) I love to drink my “Dille&Kamille” morning tea. It’s a tea made with all kinds of herbs, like camille,mint,nettle and more. It warms up my body, and keeps me in the calm and relaxing state that I am after my yoga session.
Morning tea
3) On fridays I normally have time to bake. And I love to bake! I usually make banana oat cookies. They are easy, and really good. I use them as breakfast cookies, or just as a snack. It feels like a treat to make and eat them. 🙂
banan oats cookies
4)Friday drinks with the family. On fridays the whole family comes togehter. We drink some wine (or soda) and eat some tapas. We catch up, we laugh, we love. I love fridays.
5) I love to read. I work on saturdays, so I rarely go out till late. That gives me time to read my newest books.

What are your friday favorites?!


xx Jazzie


Running is that bomb

Hey readers!
How is your day? I’m  currently sipping on my mint tea,  and sitting in the sun. Could life be any better?  Well maybe. I just had exams all week long, and I have one left next week. But I’m  currently focussing on tomorrow: I’m  gonna visit my university!  I need to make some sort of a test, and depending on the results I get in. You might understand how nervous  I am. I really want to get in. I ran, to relieve me from the stress.


And it helped. I’m  feeling more relaxed now. What is your trick to relax? Do you also go for a run? Or do you start reading or eating?

xx Jazzie
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