Cold feet

Hey lovely people!

To begin with; if someone knows a solution please share it with me!
Uch, it’s march and here in Holland it’s still cold. And I don’t like that. Particularly now that I’m vegan.
Spring has just began, ans I hoped that with the spring the sun wouls come.
But nope,  the sun decided to stay on the other side of the world.
Too bad for me, and my feet.
I have the coldest feet you could ever think of.
Are there more people with cold bodyparts?
Since I began my vegan life, I started to habe cold hands and feet. Before that they were cold every now and then. Nothing strange.
But now..
I sleep with socks every night!


And even then, they won’t warm up.
I hate cold feet.
I hope that someone recognise this, and might have the solution for warm feet. Thank you!


xx Jazzie