Rome review


As you may have read in my last post, change, I visited Rome for the first time!
Was it a succes? Yes.
Did I eat rt4? Mostly not. (Rt3)
Have I seen some of the most amazing architecture? All the time.
Do I want to go again? Yes!

Unfortunately Rome is quite expensive, so I won’t have the money to go any day soon.. But that doesn’t matter.
I fed my mind with enough beautiful art to endure for a while.


This is a picture of the beautiful St. Pieters, it was really special because we got to go on a service. In the most famous cathedral of the world.. Still can’t believe it.


This was in the middle of the city; could you imagine;  waiting on the bus,looking to an old ancient Roman building. These pilars where everywhere.


And that’s me with my handsome friends. Dream on Jaz. I never had the time to talk to them. A shame, they all smiled really cute.

Now a very important part; the food.
Let me tell you one thing; I knew pasta could be good, but I never knew it was that good until I had it in Rome.  I ate pasta all the time. It was vegan, filled me up, but most importantly; delicious! !
I also ate a lot of bruschetta, high in oil but a really nice lunch. (And something else then pasta all te time)
Rome was really cool. I liked the people, the heat,the food. Only the public transport was a bit of a mess.. Thank God I found an app for that.

Oh lord, where would we be without the Internet?

I still recommend Rome to everyone; it’s a nice,clean and wonderful city to visit!


xx Jazzie

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